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Karen Reichert
User preferences and Field lengths and order

I am trying to figure out if the individual user can make changes to field lengths and the order that the fields show up in, for instance, AP entry and select to pay or if this is something that has to be changed in administration and affects all users.


Does anyone know anything about this?



Karen Reichert



According to what i have been told previously, as well as the in-system help fields, once you've set the field lengths at setup, they can't be subsequently changed.


Michael Golub
Changing Field Lengths

These field sizes can be changed but it has to be done on the back end, it is not a user setting.  You should reach out to your business partner for assistance as most of us provide that service for our clients.


Michael Golub

NP Solutions, Inc.

Laura Reifschlager
Changing the order of fields

Hi Karen,

There are two ways to change the order in which segments appear on a transaction.

To change them globally, which means it will change them for all transactions,  visit  Administration > System Setup > Edit Organization Information > Segments tab.  On the Segments tab, you may change the sequence number by simply typing the new order sequence.  If you wish the GL to be in first place, assign the number 1 to the sequence column.  All the other segments will reorder.

Alternatively, you may drag columns around in a transaction.  That will apply only to that transaction type.

Laura Reifschlager

Senior Trainer, Abila

George Dubay
To add a little on to Laura's

To add a little on to Laura's comment in order to have the column order/column width adjustments stay saved if you are adjusting it manually in the transaction you must have save form layout checked at options>customize workstation settings>preferences. Otherwise the adjustments you do will reset when you close the transaction.