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Visual Analyzer Webinar?

Mandy Turner at Sage Software has asked if members of the GLMUG would be interested in a Sage hosted Visual Analyzer Webinar. How many GLMUG members would be willing to attend such a thing? From what we saw in Williamsburg, the response to V.A. was impressive.


P.S. I'll be crossposting this on the Facebook group as well as the Sage Community Group...

Mary Darrow
Andy,  Thanks for


 Thanks for organizing this.  I think we would be able to get a few people to attend.  It would be good to get some background on it even if actually getting it isn't on the priority list right now.


We have established a time

We have established a time and date for the Visual Analyzer Webinar, 12/16/2010 at 2pm EST. More details to come. Thanks!