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Cherita Richardson
Voiding Payroll Checks/EFT Vouchers

Can someone provide me with the process/procedures in voiding a payroll check and EFT voucher,  We had a direct deposit for PR return to use due to close of bank account and the employee didn't notify us.   I want to avoid issing a check from AP and doing a supplement PR, PR taxes for that particular payroll has been issued. 

Jeron Comeau
Voiding Payroll Check/Voucher


There is a very good KB article #4006 on this topic available within the Knowledgebase on the Abila website. Also, you will have a much better response if you post to the MIP Forum rather than the General Discussion Forum. Best of luck.

Jeron Comeau

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Benny Luera
Voiding Payroll

Hi Cherita


I will have Denise or Noelle follow up with you to assist.