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Laura Maddalone
Volunteer Credits vs Payments

Hello - I have a general 'operating' type question I'd like to get feedback on please. We have several members that volunteer specific work for us - write an article for our magazine, review membership applicaiton documents, speak on a webinar - for this we issue them a 'credit' that can be used toward any of our organizations offerings - conference attendance, webinars, towards thier dues, etc.. Some people receive below $600 per year, others will get up to no more than $4500 per year. We are talking about 4-6 consistant people, and a few occasional others. We are debating whether or not we should continue this - issuing credits on account - or actually paying them and issuing 1099s. I need to gather feedback for presentation. What is your practice for this type of service? Any feedback/input will be kept confidential. If you like, you can email me at maddalonel@napfa.org. Thank you! Regards, Laura