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Sonia Thimmesch
W2 tab


We required that employees who elect electronic W2s use their personal email address to receive their access letters.  However, we noticed that when an employee updates a home address, it does not update the email address where the W2 information is emailed.  Is this on purpose or is it a defect in within the software?  I can't imagine many companies that would want their employees receiving this information on work email addresses, especially since not all employees usually have a work email address.  Suggestions?


Kristen Stoughton


When an employee changes their home email address in EWS it updates the "Home Email Address" field on the Address & Phone tab in HR.  By design there is no tie between the email addresses on the Address & Phone tab and the email address on the W2/Voucher tab in HR.  I will submit a product enhancement on your behalf to enable employees to request a change to the W2 email address in EWS, or to tie that address to either of the ones on the Address & Phone tab.


Customer Support Analyst