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Carolyn Lynch
What do you track in attributes?

Hi, all.  We're preparing to clean up our attributes table to make it easier to read and maintain.  We need advice on what is best tracked there and what is best tracked someplace else.  So far, we plan to:

*  move wealth screening data out of attributes to demographics

* we want to do something about our years of giving club level attributes, but not sure what to do with them.  We thought of using summaries instead (for each fiscal year, there would be a running, then final total and their club level is based on that total.).  Are most people doing that?  Do you keep summaries of only the last 5 fiscal years and not the older ones?  They could always be calculated on the fly for older years.... One challenge I thought of is the changing definition of what counts in a total.

* What about historical codings of the annual fund solicitation segmentation a person was in each year for many years ---- do you delete the prior year segmentation attirbutes before you start the new one?  Are these and perhaps other codings no useful at some point and can be removed?

* Where do you maintain codings like 'No phone solicitation', 'No contact', etc.  Attributes?

* What about board memberships -- attributes?


Thanks for any input as to how you may have cleaned up a huge attribute list!

Carolyn Lynch, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, clynch@wakehealth.edu




Sean Vincent
re: How do you track Attributes?

In response to Carolyn Lynch's questions, at the University of Puget Sound we:

- Track wealth screening data in the Demographics table

- Track giving clubs in Summaries and keep the current FY YTD club and the end-of-FY club for all prior years. We do the same for FY giving totals to all funds, Annual Fund, Campaign total (at the end of capital campaigns), etc.

- Maintain current FY as well as prior FY solicitation segement data in the Custom Prospect table. 

- Contact preferences (no phone solicit, no e-mail, etc. are Attributes linked to Basic Data

- Similarly, board memberships and key volunteer roles are also Attributes linked to Basic Data. 

Sean Vincent
University of Puget Sound