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Matthew Gorman
Will the madness ever end? Scheduler problems 2016.1.1

ABila folks,

We’re still dead in the water with our scheduler.  

In short, we uninstall/reinstall both MIP and drivers, and reschedule everything.

Further, our employee that launches the scheduler (which are set to fire off when the scheduler is launched, having set up the scheduled tasks from ACCT module) has been advised to refrain from using the MAPI (email/pdf) button on both ACCT and Scheduler areas.

The most recent side effects of using the software have been:

  1. Printing to LPT, not email/pdf – resolved by using the http://kb.abila.com/article/scheduler-jobs-are-sending-printer-rather-pdf-or-email-pdf which asserts this doesn’t affect our version, but alas, this modification of the registry settings resolved the sending of jobs to LPT vs email/pdf
    1. Then the user sent out jobs and starts getting the error 30, if the jobs run at all
    2. Else, the jobs take a long time, then finally run, then stall
    3. Else B, then we close and reopen scheduler and the job(s) will run a couple more, then either back to error 30, or stall.
    4. Repeat.
  2. Error 30, requiring uninstall/reinstall of MIP and same for AMYUNI drivers.
    1. Works for a few reports, then doesn’t…
    2. Repeat.

Well, that's basically it.

We are stuck in a pattern of setting up the reports, and then the scduler works for a bit, then quits and then we’re back to square one.

Is there a product that works?  Maybe a different version?  Perhaps a 3rd party?

Please advise.

This is very time consuming and highly frustrating for all involved.


-Matt G.

Charlie Schroed...
Scheduler Problems

Hi Matt,

Good morning. I'm sorry to hear of the problems you are having with the scheduler. A case was logged, SC0349858, and Stacie Ray should be reaching out to you this morning to troubleshoot the issues. 

Thank you,

Charlie Schroeder-Arce

Supervisor, Customer Support